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Stamped Concrete System

Restore and enhance your concrete surfaces with the look of natural stone, brick or tile.

Stamped ConcreteStamped concrete is a cost-effective and exceptional architectural compliment to any business or home. Designed to be applied directly over existing or new concrete, the Concrete Solutions® ¼” Stamping System offers a quick and easy installation process compared to regular stamped concrete systems, and works well in both interior and exterior applications.

The system’s durability, design and low installation costs allow homeowners, businesses and municipalities to enhance their landscapes and various property surfaces without the time and expense of demolition.

With many decorative concrete stamp designs, stains and dye colors to choose from, your ¼” stamping project is sure be a showcase of artistry and creativity.

¼” Stamped Concrete Benefits

  • Can be applied indoors and outdoors
  • Do not need to remove existing concrete
  • Stronger and more durable than regular concrete

Concrete Paint and Stain Color Charts

Broom Finish System

Restore old concrete without the hassle and expense of concrete removal and replacement.

Broom Finish Concrete SystemFor years the only option available to repair stained concrete and cracked concrete surfaces was to jackhammer it out for removal and replace it with 4" – 6" of new concrete. 

With the Concrete Solutions® crack repair system and polymer concrete products, you can repair and resurface concrete without having to remove and replace the existing concrete. Our Broom Finish System can be applied at 1/16” – 1/8” of an inch thick over concrete surfaces depending on the application. 

With its excellent reputation for its bonding strength and long lasting durability, the Broom Finish System and other systems have been used on surfaces in every climate condition across the globe with great success. 

The Broom Finish System can be applied in a straight or swirl pattern finish, fine, medium or coarse texture and is most commonly used on driveways, walkways, patios, parking garages, highways and bridges.  When used in conjunction with the ¼” Stamping System, ordinary concrete now becomes art!

Broom Finish Benefits

  • Adheres to concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, tile and linoleum
  • Can be pigmented and/or color sealed
  • Long lasting durability

Color Flake System

Decorative solution, designed to beautify existing surfaces by creating the look of granite or terrazzo.

Color Flake System for Concrete FloorsTransform the look of ordinary concrete surfaces with our beautiful, yet practical Color Flake System application. The Concrete Solutions® Color Flake system is often used to renovate commercial parking garages, hospital floors, warehouse floors, residential garage floors, basements, recreation rooms, fitness rooms and so much more.

This system is for use in commercial and residential applications, and available in two high-performance formulations that have been time tested to withstand steady foot traffic and resistance to many chemicals. The epoxy formulation is a light duty concrete sealer that provides superior results and easy clean up while the polyaspartic is a rapid curing coating that provides color stability, maximum gloss retention and beauty with a next-day return-to-service!

Standard color flake sizes are 1/4” and 1/16”, and custom chip colors and sizes are available upon request. With hundreds of solid and pre-blended flake colors available, the possibilities are endless.

Features and Benefits

  • Both traditional and fast setting, one day formulations available
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, oils and UV exposure
  • High-quality proven products for long-term durability

Stain & Dyes

Concrete Solutions® Acid Stain, Concrete Dye, and Water Based Stain are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, business owners and architects by providing a decorative and durable alternative to traditional types of flooring. With a large selection of stain and dye colors, concrete design options are endless.

Concrete Stain and Dye ServicesAcid Stain System
Enhance the look of old and new concrete surfaces with multi-hued coloring effects that resemble the look of marble, weathered leather, natural stone or seascape blues and greens.

  • Apply over existing concrete and polymer concrete overlays  
  • Reactive, penetrating stain 
  • Rich complementary colors

The Concrete Solutions Acid Stain System allows you to use the chemical reaction between blended metallic salts in the stain and the hydrated lime in the hardened concrete to create stunning color and original concrete designs.

Spray Texture System

Don’t tear out your old unsightly concrete; resurface it with the Concrete Solutions® Spray Texture System.

Spray Texture SystemThe Spray Texture System, also known as trowel knockdown, is a spray applied texture coat of polymer concrete designed to restore old, stained concrete and provide a decorative, slip-resistant finish over existing concrete surfaces.

Unlike the Broom Finish System, the Spray Texture system is applied using a hopper gun and then troweled to create a knockdown texture finish. It can be color coated to provide a durable, fade resistant finish and will revitalize deteriorated concrete in residential and commercial areas such as pool decks, driveways, walkways, patios and more. Spray Texture can also be applied on vertical surfaces such as steps, curbs and seating walls.

Features & Benefits

  • Adds slip-resistance
  • Bonds to concrete, asphalt and wood
  • Can be pigmented and/or color sealed
  • Can be embellished with one eighth inch decorative stamping border

Concrete Demolition

Concrete lasts a long time regardless of weather, but it will eventually break down just like everything else. If you have old, cracked concrete that's taking away from the looks of your home or business or have a driveway that feels like it breaks every time you back in or out, then you should call us to come and demolish the existing concrete. You can even count on us to haul away the old stuff.

We demo driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and patios. Contact us for a free estimate.

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